Increasing sales is naturally the objective of many companies. This objective can be achieved by increasing Customers or by increasing sales per Customer. The presence of Customers in Shops may be used as an advantage for boosting sales, cross-selling and up-selling through campaigns. Preferably, the shop should encourage passing people to come inside . Knowledge of each Customer profile is an important factor towards being able to offer each of them the solutions that they consider high added value (Customer Interaction Management)

This concept extends to self-service equipment insofar as it becomes proactive in order to gather data and
Customer preferences and conduct campaigns promoting cross and up-selling. Websites may also be able to collect Customer data and preferences and conduct campaigns via e-mail to registered Customers.

Customers with mobile phones/smartphones/tablets can register through these devices and receive promotional campaigns via SMS.

In these campaigns customer loyalty also plays an important role, normally through managing the associated points, sending discount coupons, identifying any possible risk of losing Customers (changes to contact patterns) and according actions to be performed.

The CRM system is common to the various channels and allows integrated campaigns to be conducted.