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Intelligent Shop is the application of CIM to face-to-face customer service.

Step In

Intelligent Shop begins by attracting customers and encouraging them to step in. In technological terms, this phase can be improved, for instance, by installing an interactive shop window.

If there are self-service devices close to the Shop/Branch, such as ATM machines or mobile top-up or bill paying equipment, these can also be used to encourage Customers to enter the Shop/Branch. In this case, the equipment may even issue a numbered ticket or call a shop assistant to meet the Customer.

Customer Interaction Management


Once in the Shop/Branch, Customers may meet Welcoming elements such as image projection or a Video Wall. In statistical terms, we propose Visitor Counting equipment and Queue Management. Ticket dispensers are used to identify Customer Profiles. Once the profile has been identified, the campaign is launched in accordance with the segmentation carried out by the Sales & Marketing departments. The campaign may begin at the ticket dispenser, on its screen or on the ticket itself. Besides text messages, the ticket may contain elements such as barcodes or QR-Codes that can be used in the next phase - Browsing Around.

Browsing Around

The queue management system allows Customers to continue circulating around the Shops/Branches. At any given moment, the system knows how many Customers are present, the average time they will wait for service and the relative weight of each Customers’ profile. The system adapts the content of the interactive elements on the basis of the profiles. By knowing the average time each person remains in the shop, the system guarantees that content is passed on to the target audience. In this phase, Customers can access the targeted content of interactive elements, such as Kiosks, Shop Windows, Tables and Interactive Desks by identifying themselves with a loyalty card or identity card. Devices such as smartphones or tablets may also be used to access content.

Call In

When being served, Customers may be greeted by name (CRM Information). There may be other automatisms such as the automatic opening of forms, according to the service selected at the ticket dispenser. The Assistant will use a service script in order to try and provide a product or service targeted by the campaign.

See you Soon

The last impression is normally the one that stays with Customers. It is therefore important to promote some sort of action (Issuing Coupon/Offer) that positively surprises Customers and contributes towards them having a pleasant experience of being in that Shop/Branch, remembering it as something they would look forward to repeat. Customers could also be asked to complete a Customer satisfaction survey (Customer Experience).


The statistics related to the campaign’s success are sent in real time to the managers concerned. They may then adjust the campaigns and obtain the evolution of success rates in real time. The analysis of regional characteristics can also be better assessed using Geographic Information Systems .

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