Pro-Active Site

The Pro-Active Site,main goal is to integrate the website in the multichannel sales force. Therefore, besides being just an information source, your site will perform tailored campaigns. These campaigns will happen as your Customers visit your website and may consist on issuing discounts coupons or other initiatives integrated in the loyalty program. Campaigns will happen for registered and non registered Clients. For non registered Customers, the system will get Customers’ profiles by appropriated mechanisms.

The multichannel common CRM makes available a global and integrated view of Clients. Therefore it is possible to know Customers behaviour patterns as well as to detect possible patterns breakdowns such as long absence in visiting shops (face-to-face channel). Such breakdowns detections can trigger actions that result in Customer retention (Customer loyalty). These actions such as discounts coupons issuing or announcing new products may happen on any channel.

Identifying the Customer, with a Pro-Active Site, is part of the registration and account creation process. Customer segmentation and corresponding campaigns are defined by the Sales & Marketing departments.

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