CRM - Customer Relationship Management

We have the ability to carry out global projects at SugarCRM. CRM is a fundamental tool for all our applications because it increases the effectiveness of campaigns through Customers segmentation. Segmentation implies knowledge of Customers, which again makes CRM essential. CRM applies to all Sectors and Solutions.

CRM is also a pillar for the offer of loyalty.

CRM makes available a global and integrated multichannel view of the customers’ visits to the different channels. Therefore, and based on the customers’ profiles, it is possible to knows their preferences and behaviour patterns. This allows proceeding with a more accurate customers’ segmentation and subsequently with more effective campaigns. 

Furthermore, it is possible to identify changes in Customers behaviour patterns. For example, system can detect that, unlikely what usually happens, some clients are no longer visiting the shops on a weekly basis.  This event can set off a trigger that leads to issuing and sending discount coupons to those customers (customer retention deed).

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