Geographic Information Systems

The service depends on the target audience, on the profiles and number of people to be dealt with. Depending on the part of the Country, State or City, there will be differences in public/customer service.

If we are dealing with Customers, there are goods that will be more easily sold in certain parts of the city than in others. There are parts of the City where Customers buy more over the Internet, or use more self-service points. If we are dealing with public service, on behalf of the Government, demographic factors should also be considered.

In planning the evolution of service configuration and capability, it is important to know where the population is decreasing, increasing, ageing, if there are more immigrants, if there are more PCs, etc.

Customer service is obviously a demographic phenomenon and, therefore, it could be relevant to use Geographic Information Systems, not only to optimise sales but also to configure customer service, balancing investment in the different channels: face-to-face, web, mobile or self-service.

We have the ability to develop global projects. We use GIS Open Source software. GIS is applicable to all Sectors and to all solutions.