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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is often used in promoting products. It is often used together with a Queue Management solution.

Background Music

Background music is meant to create a warm and pleasant environment. It may include institutional or marketing spots. The solution is also available for the institution’s website. (Background Music)

Audience Detection and Analytics

The solution shows whether Customers passing by are attracted by the shop-windows and allows them to be segmented. This solution is normally used together with a Digital Signage solution. (Customer Segmentation)

Visitor Counting

Our solution measures the input and output flows concerning the shops among other indicators. (People Counting)

Queue Management

The most frequently applied configurations are Starter and Standard (Queue Management).They are normally used together with Digital Signage. In supermarkets, it is common to use manual ticket dispensers. For large distribution, it is more frequent to use electronic dispensers (buttons) or those with a touch screen display. The base of the dispensers must be particularly resistant to liquids and cleaning products.

Electronic call buttons with high resistance to dust and water are normally used.

In companies where goods are delivered to Customers, customised developments are required for solving associated logistics issues.

Customer Loyalty

Most of companies use loyalty programs in order to secure the loyalty of clients. Coupons, points awarding, discounts Loyalty cards and Credit are common used strategies  (Customer Loyalty).


Various solutions are available for Distribution such as interactive windows for outdoors and indoors, kiosks, interactive tables, interactive floor, interactive showcases, directories and robots. Interactivity

Intelligent Vending

Possibility of carrying out customised projects. Intelligent Vending

Pro Active Site

The main goal is integrating the website into the sales force. It enables launching personalised campaigns to Customers. Pro Active Site

Mobile Campaigns

The range of solutions comprises card virtualisation, tailor-made campaigns and payments. Mobile

Intelligent Shop

Shopping list system based on kiosks and customer preference (CRM/Loyalty) with subsequent analysis of the link between suggested shopping list and the actual shopping. Setting up of check-out zones managed by a queue management system plus a waiting area which goal is impulse shopping. Tailor-made projects. Intelligent Shopo

CIM – Customer Interaction Management

The main goal is performing multichannel Real-time Campaign Management. CIM

Solution Benefits

Find out more about the solution benefits. Benefits