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Digital Signage

It is used to welcome Customers, showing institutional and informative content, for entertainment, showing TV programmes and service offers.

In the particular case of fast food restaurants or canteens, it can be used in conjunction with the menu buying self-service equipment Intelligent Vending and with Queue Management.

There are cases such as Camp Sites, where it can be used in conjunction with Queue Management.

Background Music

It is used to create a warm and pleasant environment. For instance, there may be several music environments, depending on the area of the hotel (bar, restaurant, hall, swimming-pool, etc). The playlists can also change throughout the day. It can include institutional or advertising spots. The solution is also available for the institution’s website.

Audience Detection and Analytics

The Audience Detection and Analitics solution shows whether the target population is attracted by the outside windows and permits segmentation.
This solution is normally used in conjunction with Digital Signage

Visitor Counting

The solution shows the input and output flows of service desks.

Queue Management

Used in specific Hospitality sub-markets, such as Camp Sites or in connection with food buying self-service Intelligent Vending solutions and with Digital Signage. All configurations may be applied!


We supply solutions towards the business area. We develop tailor-made projects for hospitality.


Various solutions are available such as interactive windows for outdoors and indoors, kiosks, interactive tables, interactive floor, interactive showcases, directories and robots.

Intelligent Vending

Vending equipment for meal tickets or managing and topping up current accounts. Solutions for buying meals or menus, for instance, in fast food networks or in dining areas in shopping centres, with the subsequent delivery of food via Digital Signage. Customers select and pay for their meals using the vending equipment and receive a ticket with a number and a receipt. The meals bought are indicated in the kitchen. When the meal is ready, the system calls the Customer by showing the number issued on the ticket on the LCD screen (Digital Signage). Possibility of carrying out customised projects.

Pro Active Site

The main goal is integrating the website into the sales force. It enables launching personalised campaigns to Customers.

Mobile Campaigns

The range of solutions comprises card virtualisation, tailor-made campaigns and payments via mobile.

CIM – Customer Interaction Management

The main goal is performing multichannel Real-time Campaign Management Management.

Solution Benefits

Find out more about the solution benefits such as sales increase.