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Digital Signage

This is used to broadcast news, important dates and relevant information. It is sometimes used in conjunction with Queue Management.

Background Music

It helps to create a warm and pleasant environment. It may include institutional spots or news. The solution is also available for the institution’s website.

Audience Detection and Analytics

The solution shows whether Citizens passing by are attracted by the outdoor window displays and allows them to be segmented. This solution is normally used in conjunction with Digital Signage
This solution can be important for measuring how appealing the information is.

Visitor Counting

The solution shows the input and output flow at the public service areas read.

Queue Management

The most common Queue Management configuration is the standard one. It is sometimes used with Digital Signage.

Customer Loyalty

We make available a Loyalty programme solution for local business in small towns. The objective of the programme is that people mainly buy the goods they need in their own town, thus promoting the local economy. It may include implementing a virtual shopping.


Various solutions are available such as interactive windows for outdoors and indoors, kiosks, interactive tables, interactive floor, interactive showcases, directories and robots.

Intelligent Vending

Customised projects. 24/7 general public self-service desk (Self Service)

Pro Active Site

The website is an important component in the process of communication and Local Government proximity to citizens (Sites)

Mobile Campaigns

Mobile campaigns are an important component in the process of communication and Local Government proximity to citizens. They include card virtualisation (Mobility).

Intelligent Shop

Customised Projects (Customer Journey).

CIM – Customer Interaction Management

The main goal is performing multichannel Real-time Campaign Management (Customer Interaction).

Solution Benefits

Find out more about the solution benefits benefits.