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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is used to transmit institutional information and for the marketing of products and solutions. It is sometimes used with Queue Management

Background Music

It is used to set up a warm and pleasant environment which can positively influence buying.
It may include institutional or marketing spots. The solution is also available for the institution’s website.

Audience Detection and Analytics

The solution shows whether Customers passing by are attracted by the outdoor window displays and allows them to be segmented.This solution is normally used in conjunction with Digital Signage.

Visitor Counting

The solution shows the input and output flows of retail chain.

Queue Management

The most common in the Telecommunication area are the Standard or Plus Queue Management configurations normally including Digital Signage. This specific market often requests solutions based on virtual tickets, i.e. paperless. In such cases, customers may identify themselves at the ticket dispenser by introducing their mobile phone number and they are then sent an SMS with their turn (Plus Solution). In the case of people who are not yet Customers, they can use another way of identifying themselves at the ticket dispenser or else get a standard paper ticket.


We develop loyalty tailor-made projects.


Various solutions are available as interactive windows for outdoors and indoors, kiosks, interactive tables, interactive Floor, interactive showcases, directories and robots.

Intelligent Vending

We supply equipment for topping up mobile phones or paying bills. We develop tailor-made projects.


The range of solutions includes card virtualisation, telecommunication tailor-made campaigns and payments.

Intelligent Shop

It makes possible setting up tailor-made campaigns which are adjustable in real time. The campaign is initiated by attracting Customers to the windows and takes place while they are in the Shop/Branch.

Retail Chain Management

The solutions provide a set of indicators that enable central administration to get to know the retail chain operation. These indicators can work as decision support in terms of optimising the operation of the retail chain regarding sales, human resources and even location.

CIM – Customer Interaction Management

The main goal is performing multichannel Real-time Campaign Management.

Solution Benefits

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