Intelligent Vending

Intelligent Vending - Equipment for paying bills, mobile phone top ups or sales may be classed as part of the sales force, adopting a proactive attitude to Customers, thus promoting products and solutions and contributing towards cross- and up-selling. Customer profiles may be identified through Audience Analysis and Identification or through identifying the Customer’s account or customer loyalty card. Customer segmentation and corresponding campaigns are defined by the Sales & Marketing departments.

Payments can be performed by using coins, bill notes, debit/credit cards, NFC, Wallet or SMS.

NFC, Wallets or SMS are better choices when compared with payments using coins and bill notes. This way, the traditional headaches due to: vandalism, logistics due to cashboxes swapping, no change, jammed coins, jammed bill notes, security problems due money transport from and to Self-Service Devices just disappear! It is even possible to get the receipt on the mobile device instead of printing it at the self-service device. This way, self-service devices become much simpler and therefore less expensive. This also applies to service support.

Nevertheless, payments using coins and bill notes are still nowadays universal. In many cases it is still the only one available and even viable.

This equipment communicates with the back office - CRM, ERP, and billing, among others.


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