Interactivity is a vast topic and one that can comprise objectives as diverse as entertainment, dissemination of information and sales campaigns, among many others. Interactivity covers devices such as Kiosks, Interactive Shop Windows, Interactive Shelves and even Robots. To our ability of developing and producing equipment and developing software applications, we have also added the abilities of design and develop contents and managing content.

Companies usually take little advantage of these devices, as they operate as a standalone. Providing these devices with customer segmentation features makes the user experience more appealing. Connecting these devices to CRM solutions turns them in active Sales Forces .

Integrating customers into a scenario (below) - With the help of a camera and a screen, a customer browsing around, inside the shop, suddenly becomes part of the animation on the screen. The customer seems to come from behind the tree and starts playing with the falling snow. As you might notice, the customer image is really integrated in the animation since the falling snow starts to accumulate on his arms and head in a very realistic way. After a while, the customer starts shaking his head and arms, which happens also on the screen and makes the accumulated snow fall onto the floor.


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