Interactive Shop Windows


Displaying content which can be seen from outside the Shop/Branch naturally attracts potential Customers. In addition, interactive shop windows allows potential customers to search for the most interesting offers. If the Interactive Shop Window includes a solution of Audience Detection and Analytics, the content may change depending on gender or age group, thus increasing the probability of Customers identifying with the offer. Interactive Shop Windows can take the initiative of asking Customers for their details in order to send them the information later or it may invite them to come into the Shop/Branch, or it may take the initiative of requesting the help of a shop assistant to come and meet the customer, having previously advised the assistant of the customer’s preferences. (more)


Interactive Walls or Indoor Window Displays allow Customers to find out more about the products and solutions. The content may change based on the profiles of the Customers present at that Shop/Branch and/or based on detection systems, identifying profiles of customers that are currently using the shop window, for example the Audience Detection and Analytics.

Shop windows may be connected to other systems such as showcases or Interactive Shelves. In this case, selecting the goods (mobile phones, tennis shoes, etc)  in the Interactive Shop Window will automatically cause a LED to light up underneath the actual product present in the showcase.

The opposite may also occur, i.e. by selecting one or more products on the ShowCases, their content will appear in the Interactive Shop Window and Customers can compare them and obtain further information.

If there is an internet connection, Customers may even obtain information regarding the goods on social networks, for instance!

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