Customer Interaction Management

Customer interaction management is a main issue. The presence of customers or potential customers in Shops is an excellent opportunity to conduct cross-selling or up-selling. Naturally, if the Customer profile of those present in the Shops is known, it is possible to effect dynamic campaigns that continuously change according to their profiles. These campaigns produce real-time statistics that allow the Sales & Marketing departments to centrally carry out the necessary adjustments. In this concept, CRM  is of course a fundamental pillar and depending on the size of the company, the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) may prove important since it allows introducing regional factors in the campaigns.

Customer Interaction Management

In this concept, Queue Management and, particularly, the ticket dispenser, takes on the additional role of identifying Customer profiles. This can be done through the choice of service, or through data entered by customers (Customer Loyalty Card, Citizen’s ID Card, Mobile Phone Number, etc) or even through Audience Detection and Analytics. The campaign begins by playing contents (Digital Signage) on the actual ticket dispenser screen and by printing messages and QR Codes on the turn tickets and possibly through printing out Discount Coupons.

The TFT/LCD playlist adapts to the Customer profile (Digital Signage). The interactive elements present in the Shop synchronise with the existing campaigns. Customers may use the identification elements (turn tickets or identification cards) to access the campaigns that the company has specifically prepared for their profiles, for example, through Kiosks, or using their mobile devices to the same end.

When serving, Staff can use scripts for cross and up selling in order to try and achieve the campaign objectives, i.e. sales. As mentioned above, all this data will arrive in real time at central management.


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