Digital Signage

Digital Signage is an excellent means of communication. Its goals include broadcasting the Institutional Image, marketing Company Products and Solutions, broadcasting relevant information to Employees, showing useful information for Public and Entertainment.

Digital Signage comprises a server, players (Windows, Android and WebOS) and a Management application (Web). The server runs on Windows or Linux Platform and MySQL.Digital Signage

Digital Signage allows a content playlist (movies, images or .swf.) to be defined. It runs all types of formats compatible with Media Player. Digital Signage allows for the integration of different sources of information such as weather information (RSS Feeds).

The Digital Signage Management application is Web-based and allows a Playlist to be defined and broadcast to the different Players. This broadcast is normally scheduled to take place outside working hours, thus avoiding network congestion. The players operate autonomously meaning that, even in the event of a break in communications, content on local screens is not affected.

Digital signage may be integrated with Queue Management, allowing for the definition of an area of virtual panels (Flash) where Customers are called - Ticket/Service Desk.

Digital signage can include a statistical handling function of the people who actually look at the content. It also allows Customers to be segmented by age and gender. The information provided by this technology allows Digital Signage to adapt the content to the profile of whoever is viewing it.

The Digital Signage solution can include CRM  to improve the management of the campaigns in the different players.

Integrating Digital Signage and GIS Geographic Information System allows better adapting the contents to the locals.

Data analysis in terms of decision support normally involves several people sitting around a table. We provide interactive multi-touch tables that will help the analysis. This way, it is possible to simultaneously view data from different Shops/Branches or even from Regions, States or Countries and be able to proceed with an integrated analysis even with the contribution from other applications (more).

Digital Signage can be supplied as SaaS (Software as a Service).

We provide  content design and development.

Our offer includes the provision of Display Screens, Projectors, Video Walls, Advertising Panels, Monitor Stands, Video/Audio Extenders and PCs.

We welcome challenges! We develop tailored made projects that may involve products, technologies, integration and development.


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