Visitor Counting

Visitor counting shows how many people come in and how many people stay in the Shop/Branch during any given time (day, week, month, year).  Visitor counting indicators are important for the management of Human Resources and to understand the number of visitors/sales ratio. Important conclusions can be drawn from these data. For example, from the average time people stay in the shop, one can draw conclusions regarding the interest that the Shop/Branch has for visitors. Visitor counting also makes available average values (number of entries, number of exits, number of people inside the Shop/Branch and average time of stay).
Visitor Counting

The chain stores data is consolidated centrally and analytical tools are  available. This data can be consolidated with the data from Audience Analysis and Identification and from the Queue Managment to obtain a set of important indicators, such as how many people pass by the Shop, how many people look at the Shop, how many come close, how many come in, how long they stay in the Shop, how many take a turn ticket to be served, how long they wait and how many people actually buy something.



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